Our Plant

  • Mahewu Plant

    Mahewu Plant

    Our Mahewu Plant can produce XXXXX units per day operating a full 24 hr shift to satistfy the unquenchable thirst of our mahewu clientelle.

  • Freezit Plant

    Freezit Plant

    Our Freezit Plant can produce XXXX units in an endeavor to keep our little ones and the adults who love Big cool refreshed especially in the hot season

  • Bompies Plant

    Bompies Plant

    The Bompies Plant…..

Products available

  • Super Shake Mahewu – Bannana, Tropical, Strawberry & Butter Cream
  • Super Shake Mahewu – Tropical
  • Super Shake Mahewu – Strawberry
  • Super Shake Mahewu – Butter Cream
  • Discos assorted Flavors
  • Big Cool Assorted Flavors
  • Bompies – Tropical
  • Bompies – Mango and Orange
  • Bompies – Passion

Place Your Order – “Hurry”

Our team endeavors to produce high quality products for our market and because of our low prices, we work flat out to meet the high market demand. However it is soooo much easier for us if you could place your orders well in advance especilly for our larger clients who distribute to local vendors. However that does not mean we neglect the small scale clients who buy one or two packs of our products. You are equally important to us as it is YOU, THE CLIENT who make Big Cool GREAT.

Meet our Team


Simon Takawira

Managing Director

B Takawira


Chamunorwa Chipamba

Production Manager

Diana Rubvuwe