Complete Nik Nak Manufacturing Plant for sale

Fully Automated

2 x Air Compressors- [Ingersoll Rand]

2 x Automated Grit Mixers

4 x Nak Exruders- [Total 800kg/hour ]

1 x Infeed Air Conveyor

1 x Infeed Belt Conveyor

2 x Sifters

1 x Nak Spreader

1 x 1000L Oil Fryer

2 x 700L overnight oil Holding Tanks

1 x Diesel fired oil Heat Exchanger

1 x Oil Pump with Fines Sifter

3 x Exit Air Conveyor

4 x Flavoring Drums

3 xVibrating product spreaders

3 x Automatic bucket elevators

3 x Automatic 14 head overhead electronic scales

3 x Ocean Automatic Packing Machines [up to 70 bags/ minute each]

2 x Auro Automatic Packing Machines [up to 60 bags/ minute]

3 x Off take conveyors

3 x Rotary tables

All stainless steel. In good working order.

Ideal forex earning opportunity.

Be up and running in 2 days.

+- RTGS 700 000, NEG


Contact:0772 937 437

               0772 425 518

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